Frank's Firm FavoritesFrank’s Firm Favorites
Released: 1985
Label: 11-37
Format: Promo Cassette
Record Number: ETS2
Notes: Limited Edition of 250
Tracks: Every Breath You Take – Five Years – Bohemian Rhapsody – Bouncing Babies

Released: 1985
Label: NME
Format: Cassette
Record Number: NME 017
Notes: Given away free with the NME
Tracks: Anarchy In The U.K. (a live recording)

Fantastic Tales Fantastic Tales Released: 1987Label: 11-37Format: CassetteRecord Number: ETS7Notes:Tracks: The Day I Found A Hippopotomouse – The Day Little Frank Tried To Tell A Fantastic Tale – The Day I Won A Million Pounds – The Day I Was Paul McCartney
Sgt Pepper Cassette Sgt Pepper Knew My Father Released:  1987Label: NME/ChildlineFormat: CassetteRecord Number:  NMECAS100 Notes:  Various Artists compilation put together to help the childrens charity ‘Childline’Tracks: Being For The Benefit Of Mr Kite
5-9-88 Released:  1989Label: In TapeFormat: CassetteRecord Number:  ITC058 Notes:  Fold out sleeve
Tracks:The Robins aren’t Bobbins – Little Frank Arrives – Me Great Big Zoo Scrapbook – Best of the Answering Machine (Part 1) – Radio Timperley Intro – The Tomb of Maurice Karmen – Radio Timperley Outro – New Material – Mr Custard You’re A Fool – What’s Happens Now? – Frank’s World Intro – The Squid Is Correct – Frank’s World Outro (1) – Little Frank Leaves – It Was Nearly 20 Years Ago Today – I said, “Hey You, Street Artist” – Mrs Merton’s Baby – Radio Timperley Stab – Pirates – Radio Timperley Outro – Fantastic Sea Shanty – Star Interview – Patrick Moore – Little Frank Interrupts – Fantastic Flashback Starts – Cape Timperley To Lunar Dustbin – First Puppet On The Moon – Ultimatum To Return – Of Puppets And Space And Money (Parts 1,2, & 3) – 2nd Ultimatum To Return – Airplay – Big Frank Blasts Off – TVR 17 Station Output – Little Frank Shows Off – S.O.S. – Big Frank Returns – Fantastic Flashback Ends – Little Frank Returns – Monopoly (The Game) – Monopoly (The Song) – Money Problems – Frank’s World Intro – Roulette – Frank’s World Outro (2) – Football And Weather – Star Interview – Ian McCaskill – Mr E. Lake – Timperley Travelogue – I said, “Hey You, Riot Policeman” – Down At The Moss Lane Football Ground – 6 All-time Great Footballing Chants (including ‘Nil-Nil’, ‘Wemberley’, and ‘There’s Only One Referee’) – Sue of the Sioux – Roger And Sarah – I’ve Got Something To Shout About – Mrs Merton – Star Interview Nicholas Parsons – Puppets Arrive – Fantastic Barber’s Shop Song – Not So Fantastic Argument – Into The Kitchen – Electricity
Radio Timperley Radio Timperley Released: 1991Label: 11-37Format: CassetteRecord Number: ETS11Notes:Tracks: 12 classic episodes of Radio Timperley…plus live at the Reading Festival clips
Soundreel A Soundreel ‘A’ Released: 1992Label: 11-37Format: CassetteRecord Number: ETS19Notes: Limited EditionTracks: Oh Blimey It’s Christmas – Oliver’s Army – Material Boy – The Oink Get-Together – Hit The North – Oh Supermum – Tribute To Star Trek – Little Frank’s Memeory-Man Test – Desert Island Disks